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Products & Technology
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Kirby Lester Products
Products & Technology: Our Technology
Kirby Lester's patented counting technology will accurately and quickly count almost all types of tablets and capsules within these ranges:
Maximum tablet size: 0.86" long (22mm) and 0.74" wide (19mm)
Minimum tablet size: 0.125" diameter (3.175mm)

Kirby Lester devices will not accurately count clear capsules (e.g., tessalon perles), and may not accurately count items with a large hole, an odd shape or gelcaps. A "Special Mode" setting can be used on the device to count unique/odd-shaped tablets or tablets with holes. Perform a test to ensure your Kirby Lester device can count these items accurately. Contact Kirby Lester Sales to ask about a particular medication or item (800.641.3961).
Our Technology: How Tablet Counters Work
Kirby Lester Counting Technology
Kirby Lester tablet counters incorporate patented technologies to count clusters of tablets, capsules and any similar-sized parts. These "intelligent" systems can also provide an estimate of the ideal vial size for that prescription (in drams).

Tablet Counter Display | Tablet Counters | Kirby Lester
This patented technology counts tablets and capsules with unmatched accuracy levels.
Optical Counters
Most tablet counters use a light beam and simple photosensor to count individual parts. These counters increment by one each time the beam is interrupted by a falling tablet etc.

Tablet Counter Display | Optical Counters | Kirby Lester
Errors occur if two or more tablets or capsules are in contact when they break the beam of light.

optical counters - how they work
Tablet Counter Display | Photo Sensor Counter | Kirby Lester
Weigh Scales
Some counters work on a weight principle, sampling five or ten parts that are manually counted and placed on a scale before the prescription is counted. The average weight of these parts is used to calculate the total count. Weight counters are generally less accurate than optical counters because of the variable weight of each part.

Accuracy is also affected by the number of manually counted parts. A larger number produces better results, but slight weight variations in the sample lead to errors in the extrapolated total count.

Tablet Counter Display | Weight Counter | Kirby Lester
Some weigh counters store the average weights of manual counted parts for different products and the corresponding values are retrieved when a bar code is scanned. If the stored average weights are not representative of a new batch being counted more frequent and larger errors are likely to occur. Weights often vary between batches, here are some typical examples:

optical counters - how they work

Product Weight of 30 parts
Batch A
Weight of 30 parts
Batch B
% Difference
Coated Tablet 56.99g 56.67g 0.55%
Caplet 37.6g 37.0g 1.4%
Coated Tablet 43.1g 42.6g 1.13%

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